Pub Slots

The range of pub slots that can be found available online all offer players a fantastic chance to play a very interactive and different style of slot game. This website guide into pub slots aims to show players where the best places to play the various games are, how to play the different slots and examines the differences between pub slots vs casino slots. Casino slots first became famous in Las Vegas before the inception of the internet bought the range of games into people from all over the worlds homes. The casino slots test players luck and award winnings very randomly whereas pub slots assess player’s skills and judgment abilities. The casino slots are famous for having much higher winning potential and jackpots whereas the pub slots offer much less lucrative possibilities. The significantly lower jackpot and lower winning potential in the pub slot games should not deter players as the games instead offer much more user interaction and better game play. The player interaction is the largest selling point for these types of games as they offer players a fun, entertaining and challenging style of game. The range of slots reviewed in this guide all offer players an involving and interactive style of play that is highly entertaining.

The general set up of the entire range of pub slots found available online have only three reels and one win line. The complete range of pub slots only has three reels whereas some slots have more than one win line with five being the most found. The casino slots generally have five reels and on average around twenty win lines which is a large difference immediately presenting a different style of game to players. The game play features of the range of pub slots include nudges, holds, hi/low gambles and skill stoppers. These different features all test player’s technical abilities which is an excellent factor for players who will enjoy having their personal abilities challenged for money. The first of the challenges in the slots is the nudges and holds where players can either shift reels up to create winning lines or hold reels to potentially achieve winning lines on the next spin. The different pub slots include hi/low gambles where players have to guess the outcome of a spinning number which challenges their rational thinking and judgment skills. The skill stopper feature tests player’s reflexes as they must stop a flashing light on different squares to win prizes.

The pub slots before the creation of the internet were very popular with people frequenting pubs across the nation playing on the slot machines to try and win extra beer money. The games were hugely popular in pubs because of their interactive game play and highly entertaining and amusing themes. The range of different themes of the pub slots cover very comic ideas like billionaire grannies, chav’s, cows dressed as soldiers, curries and aliens attacking earth throwing money as their weapons. This range of wacky themes will keep players entertained as they offer a light hearted and fun playing environment. The light hearted themes offered by the pub slots are very much one of their selling points as they offer players a highly entertaining and amusing playing experience. The creation of the internet allowed for these fantastic pub slots to be enjoyed from the comfort of player’s homes rather than the inside of pubs. The range of slots is all available to players at the wonderful Ladbrokes casino which offers players a safe and secure location to enjoy these great games. The casino is fully regulated meaning that players are assured a fair payout rate and therefore chance of winning.

The operator also has a twenty four hour customer support department which helps players with any queries that they may have when playing the various pub slots. The customer support department is specially trained to be able to help players using all of the various games as well as assist players in a variety of languages. The other main very characteristic feature of pub slots is the visual appearance that the slots are presented in. The various pub slots are all animated in a hilarious cartoon style which delivers the games light hearted themes perfectly to players. The cartoon animations are full of bright and vibrant colours which look fantastic on the screen and really allow the game to come alive in a comic way. The various pub slots all include themed sound effects which add a great comic element to the game that players will really enjoy. One of the slots that is a great example of a fun and exciting theme presented with comic visual and sound effects is the Cops and Robbers pub slot. This pub slot tells the story of the age old battle between the good and bad side of the law and is presented in hilarious visual and sound effects.
The visual effects of the Cops and Robbers pub slot show numerous different stressed policeman chasing mischievous robbers. The characters are animated in a fantastic comic cartoon style that players will love as they look really funny on the screen. The sound effects used in this game include a funny English accent representing the copper chasing the robber shouting ‘come back here’. The combination of the different visual and sound effects make this one of the best and most popular of all the pub slots. The other pub slots that can be enjoyed by players include the excellent Deep Sea Dosh pub slot that tells the story of Neptune and his lost treasure. The famous underwater God is displayed to players like never before in this very funny pub slots as it shows a huge, great and entertaining main character. The games animation depicts him and the mermaids in a wonderful style that players will really enjoy looking at. The range of available pub slots is phenomenal as they are dozens of creatively themed fun games for players to choice from. The games are all presented in a similar cartoon style of animation to each other and all feature an interactive style of play.